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3Bird: passion and talent

When passion and talent come together, something extraordinary happens. And that is exactly what happens at 3Bird. Passion drives us and sets us apart in the industry.

The power of passion

Why I work with developers from Nepal

At 3Bird, we strongly believe in the power of passion. “People with passion make the biggest difference.” That’s our motto. And our motto is more than just a sentence on paper. It forms the core of our company culture and is also the driving force behind our success.

We have our own office in Nepal and have been working with our Nepalese developers for many years. Our Nepalese colleagues possess the right expertise and the right amount of passion. We form a passionate and multidisciplinary team and gain a lot of synergy from this.

We are proud of what we do and how we do it. Our passion for excellent software makes the difference.

The power of passion

Passion as a driving force

Our commitment goes beyond just developing software. Each employee at 3Bird brings a unique passion for technology and innovation. This passion is what sets us apart and is reflected in our top-quality products.

Excellence in software

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our work, from concept to code. Our focus is on creating software that not only meets the needs of our clients but also exceeds them.

Collaboration and innovation

At 3Bird, we promote collaboration and open communication. This enables us to share ideas and innovate together, resulting in groundbreaking software solutions.

Continuous growth and development

We invest in the continuous development of our team. We focus on personal and professional growth, ensuring we always stay ahead in the rapidly changing world of technology.

Founder and CEO of 3Bird

Oscar Bout

Oscar is the founder of 3Bird and has been active in the ICT sector for 25 years. With 15 years of experience in development and the founding of multiple start-ups, Oscar has proven to be innovative and technically very strong. Oscar believes that passion is a catalyst for progress. By integrating his own passion for technology into 3Bird and assembling a team of like-minded talents, he has created an environment where creativity and innovation set the tone.