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Software development with remote developers

The environment in which your company operates is dynamic. The world of software development is as well. Remote developers play a significant role in delivering innovative solutions within tight deadlines and budgets. By utilizing remote developers, you gain access to global talent, can save costs, and maintain your flexibility.

What are remote developers?

When a company outsources IT-related tasks, projects, or even entire IT departments to external service companies, it is referred to as IT outsourcing. Reasons for choosing IT outsourcing include cost savings, access to specialized expertise, and the ability to focus on core business activities.

Hiring remote developers is a part of IT outsourcing. In this case, companies enlist external software developers for specific projects or tasks.

A remote developer works remotely and is not physically present at their client’s office. Many developers work remotely, and they can be located nearby or on the other side of the world.

Why remote developers?

Flexibility: Sometimes, your need for developers may fluctuate, with high and low demand periods. By employing remote developers, teams can easily scale up and down. This allows your company to quickly respond to changing needs or market fluctuations.

Cost Savings: Competitive rates for remote developers on one side and lower salary and overhead costs for your company on the other side make using remote developers a more financially advantageous option compared to hiring a full-time developer. It’s a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

Access to International Talent: The demand for software developers is high, often exceeding the availability of suitable local developers. By looking beyond national borders, you gain access to global talent with diverse technical skills and experience. Sourcing internationally allows you to assemble teams with the expertise to tackle complex challenges.

Diversity and Creativity: The cultural diversity, varied backgrounds, and skills of remote developers enhance creativity and innovation in software development. This diversity leads to better products and outcomes due to a wide range of perspectives and ideas.

Remote developers from 3Bird

Developers in Nepal
Our remote developers work from our office in Kathmandu, Nepal. While Nepal is known for its mountains, culture, and local traditions, what matters most to us is that our remote developers possess the right technical skills and work diligently behind their computers. Our developers are permanent employees of our company.

Good Collaboration
Effective communication and collaboration are essential for delivering successful products. That’s why we place great importance on the relationships we have with our developers. Our developers stay with us for the long term, and we take pride in that!

Effective Communication
Our developers are not just remote workers; they are our direct colleagues who happen to work from a distance. Add our local CTOs to the mix, and it’s clear that we ensure effective communication and collaboration. This way, your project is in good hands with us.

Outsourcing softwareontwikkeling to 3Bird

Need extra development capacity or don’t have the right expertise in-house? Turn to 3Bird to strengthen your team. At 3Bird, we stand for customized and affordable high-quality software development. Our remote developers and local fractional CTOs are ready to make your project a success!

3Bird was founded by Dutch programmers, so we know what it takes to successfully complete a project. During the founding of our first startup, we became familiar with the benefits of a remote and international development team. We now have access to 30 programmers with expertise in various programming languages and at different experience levels.

So, there’s always a suitable remote developer available for your task. You’ve come to the right place for outsourcing software development!

Mastery of all technologies and programming languages

Cost efficiency

High-quality innovative solutions.

Effective communication and collaboration.