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Combined with Dutch CTOs, you benefit from global expertise, local rates, and guidance in your own language.

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Remote developers can be found at 3Bird!

  • 25 years of experience
  • Customized and affordable software solutions
  • Innovative and high-quality developers
  • All technologies and programming languages
  • Global expertise, in-house experience
  • Rates starting from 22 euros per hour
  • Agile approach
  • Quick start to your development project

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Cost-effective and innovative solutions

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Our approach: it can be that simple

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Getting to know each other. Gathering essential information, exploring your wishes and objectives, and laying the foundation for our collaboration.

Plan of action

Creating a detailed action plan outlining objectives, milestones, timelines, and required resources.

Team selection

From our extensive talent pool, we select the most suitable talent for your project in collaboration with you.

Sustainable collaboration

Ready to start... go! The project begins, and while we monitor progress, we also continuously align with you to achieve the results we all have in mind.

From the founders

About 3Bird

Our company was founded by Dutch programmers, so we know exactly what it takes to make a project successful. In addition, we have a lot of experience in collaborating with global remote developers.

Our team of highly skilled and ambitious IT professionals is based in Nepal. We have access to 30 programmers with expertise in various programming languages and experience levels. There is always a specialist available for your project.

I am happy to assist you!

Oscar Bout

Founder and CTO

A solution for every development task

Successfully outsourcing software projects

  • You want to expand but can’t find the right people?
  • Maintenance of your systems takes too much time?
  • IT costs are getting too high?
  • You need a flexible programming team that can scale up and down?
  • You’re interested in the possibilities of remote developers but find the transition too daunting?Feel free to contact us (without any obligation, of course). We know how to turn your software project into a success!