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Sociale Verzekerings Bank


For the Sociale Verzekerings Bank, we migrated the Personal Budget web application from Java JSF to an Angular/Api platform.

Sociale Verzekerings Bank

Migration web application

Business need

Jeroen Ehrismann (Sociale Verzekerings Bank) was tasked with migrating the Personal Budget web application from Java JSF to an Angular/Api platform. For this migration, an experienced Senior Angular developer was required. Since Jeroen’s team did not possess the necessary knowledge to successfully build an application of this volume in Angular, Jeroen began searching for an external developer.

Jeroen chose to collaborate with 3Bird. Oscar stood out with 3Bird on the ‘Between’ portal where various offers were made. Oscar and the 3Bird team would expertly execute the migration of the web application. And so it happened.


“The results of the collaboration were impressive.” 3Bird brought in their most experienced Angular developer, who not only elevated the Sociale Verzekerings Bank team to a higher level with technical expertise but also with a touch of humor. The migration went smoothly and brought the desired improvements to the Personal Budget web application.

Jeroen’s experience with 3Bird was very positive. He found the collaboration very pleasant due to Oscar’s expert contribution and the seamless integration of the 3Bird team into the development process of the Sociale Verzekerings Bank. “The quality and added value of Oscar are undeniable: we would hire him again in a heartbeat.”