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People HR – Access



App development

For HR Direct we have developed a standalone app to connect with their HR platform.

People HR - Access Group

Standalone app development

Business need

Sat Sindhar, CTO at People HR (Access Group), was responsible for developing a standalone app to connect with their HR platform. The app needed to make it easy for users to find each other while everyone was scattered across the country due to the Covid pandemic. The app needed features such as chat, location sharing, check-in and check-out, and automatic time tracking.

Finding local developers was problematic due to Covid restrictions on travel and gatherings. With an urgent need for a solution, Sat turned to 3Bird.


3Bird quickly proved to be a valuable partner. “Their experience with a similar event app proved invaluable in meeting our specific requirements.” 3Bird took the lead, allowing Sat to only share the design and some details. “3Bird was able to provide valuable insights and anticipate the needs of People HR.”

Sat is highly satisfied with his experience with 3Bird. The application met all the specified requirements and was delivered on time and within budget. The 3Bird team, all highly experienced with the Ensemble App, now considers Sat as one of their own teams. “I am very pleased with 3Bird: I still do business with them and plan to continue doing so in the near future.”