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Welcome to 3Bird!

At 3Bird, we stand for custom-made and affordable software development with the quality you are accustomed to from home. Our agile methodology, supported by European project managers and CTOs, ensures that you receive the quality you envision, but at a very competitive price.

We provide developers and strengthen your team, exactly where you need it. With our experience and selection of developers, we cover all technologies and programming languages. This way, we ensure that you get the quality you have in mind!

What we offer

Extra develop-capacity for Your organisation!

Front End, Backend, Full Stack, for every job a suitable solution!













Floating on the wings of 3Bird

An epic nest for IT-talents!

We know exactly what it’s like to work with IT talents worldwide. And that’s not always easy. It’s quite convenient then that our company was founded by Dutch programmers. So, we know precisely what it takes to make a project successful, so you don’t have to worry about it.

We work together with a team of driven and ambitious high-quality IT professionals in Nepal. We have access to 30 programmers skilled in various programming languages and with different levels of experience. Therefore, there’s always a specialist available for your job!

IT talent isn’t found only within national borders; we fly them in. Virtually, that is.

As proud as a peacock!

Our success stories

From large maintenance projects to building small-scale apps. Discover more about our projects in a selection of our success stories.