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The App

Auto connect your content to our Native App!

Would you like to reach your visitors - even if they are offline ?

We can! With our Native app...

The app is done in you own corporate stying, directly connected to your content. No extra effort needed.

Use our management dashboard to send push messages.

Need advertisement? In our app your ads have all the space they need.

Start with a budget of 59,00 euro a month, no hidden charges.

You get:

  • Your own app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, with your logo and name.
  • Your own colors and styles.
  • All your content is auto-connected, no extra effort.
  • Unlimited usage/downloads.
  • Access to our management portal for your ads and push messaging
  • Pushmessages link directly to in-app content.
  • Unlimited support.

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